Does the water you buy really have what it says in it?

Watch this video on how true the water you buy from health stores, if they really contain the elements it says it has. Watch what M.E.D.S and Formula513 actually do when added to your drinking water and other drinks you like. These are the best Hydration Solutions that is changing lives across the nation.

Ain’t no shuckin and jivin with MyO2MEDS.
Don’t be fooled by all the hype and fancy packages. No one delivers like Rabbi Donald Maher and the MyO2MEDS family of products.

All of the Myo2MEDS™ and Formula513™ products are Kosher, Vegan, Gluten Free and Certified Organic

In every 16 ounce bottle of water place 15-20 drops of MyO2MEDS™.
You can use more per bottle if you are in extreme conditions of any kind such as running, soccer, basketball, football or even full contact golf. Any circumstances that could elevate your metabolism will demand more electrolytes and minerals.

Now you can get the purest form of electrolytes available in every drop of MyO2MEDS™.

MyO2MEDS™ is a Multi Electrolyte Delivery Solution (MEDS).
The MyO2MEDS™ eight (8) ounce bottle and the Myo2MEDS™ One (1)ounce bottle are the same great product.
The Formula513™ four (4) ounce bottle and the Formula513™ half (.5) ounce bottle are the same great product.
The two formulas are different and work in conjunction with each other.

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