Men and women, of all ages, proudly put on their uniform to bravely serve our country. Each and every soldier has extreme hydration needs. Weather they are at basic training  or in combat, they train in high intensity settings, they live in stressful environments, and they are on constant alert. These all contribute to accelerated metabolism, dehydration and the loss of electrolytes.

Water and sports drinks simply aren’t enough to counter the drastic loss of electrolytes on a daily basis. Mild to severe dehydration compromises soldiers physically and mentally. Healthy Hydration supports mental acuity, safety and mission readiness. Keeping your mind sharp is essential for your safety as well as your team.

Today the average US soldier carries at least 60 pounds of gear, with an extended patrol often doubling that weight. In addition to the environmental conditions of the theater of war; invoking the fight or flight adrenal response, extreme temperatures and the fact that they are in full uniform they may also be loaded down with an excess of 60% of their weight in gear.

Under normal conditions, it is difficult to maintain proper electrolyte balance with water and diet alone. Add to that the physically intense military activities such as combat training, field training exercises and missions and it isn’t long before a 4% loss of body weight from dehydration degrades physical performance on average of 50% (this is possible in less than 2 hrs).

MyO2 is in a pure, ionic form for the quickest absorption, and purposefully designed in a lightweight, travel-size package for ease-of-use. In the most grueling conditions, it is convenient to consume. There is no need to have to pour and mix powders.

Due to the efficient method of Nutritional Hydration the body consumes less volumes of water and gets more satisfaction from every drink. More often than not, you don’t have the time to to constantly relieve yourself in the bathroom. In severe conditions of cramping and heat stress you can take it straight from the bottle orally, or you can add it to you soft-back canteen as a common sense preemptive strike against the perils of dehydration.

Having a resource to maintain good hydration level and prevent potential heat stroke is vital. At 5% water loss, dehydration can be life-threatening and medical attention as well as IV assistance may be required. Myo2 MEDS can address and aid a speedy recovery from as well as prevent heat casualties.

We can provide the most efficient hydration products to our soldiers that will positively impact performance, mission readiness and overall safety.