ELYTE is a concentrated liquid dietary supplement for K9’s that provides all essential electrolytes in an ionic form, the form most
widely recognized by the body. ELYTE is essential for restoring the balance of minerals in the body. Suitable for active and inactive K9.

We are dog lovers at K-9 Elite. We love canines and we want them to be the healthiest they can be. We are motivated to stop the euthanasia of healthy animals.

Sprays directly on the food to enhance nutritional intake for your best friend.

More dogs today are getting cancer than ever before. Poor grains and mold in the grain could be the cause.
K-9 E-Lytes provides the very best and most wholesome mineral nutrition available.
Copper, Zinc and Selenium act together with the E-Lytes to fight fungus and support the body’s ability to Detox and restore order.

Provide your best friend (dog) with the best in essential nutrition and support a healthy kidney function, joint function and heart. Every year service dogs are put to sleep because they claim that the they have kidney disease.

Think about this…

All day long they ride around in an air conditioned patrol vehicles which removes the moisture/humidity from the air in the unit. It also dehydrates the dogs. This ‘dehydration’ removes the minerals from their blood. This in turn alters the blood viscosity causing the heart to work harder and circulation to be compromised.

Do the best thing for your companion. Get MEDS for your dog.
Don’t forsake them, they would easily lay down their life for you.