Fearfully and Wonderfully Made!


The body is incredible! The immune system, the epidermis and the recreation of new skin cells not to mention the strength of the heart!

It is all so amazing. So what has bewitched us to think that the Creator God who creates us in His image has failed to do so? What makes us think that the God who is ths same yesterday today and forever somehow got old and sloppy? I am not buying it.

There are older people who feel better that younger people. There are elderly who never saw took a pill in their life. There are folks that lived near the refineries and they don’t have cancer. Who can explain it? Well the Scriptures say we are made in His image, formed in His likeness, filled with His Spirit and moved to desire to know His ways.

That is the driving force for MED Solutions; to free us from the spirit of fear, the pharmaceutical merry-go-rounds and that nonstop circle of surgeries that compromises our strength rather than restore it. MED Solutions is NOT MEDICINE. MED Solutions is a dietary mineral solution produced in food grade quality so pure it has been used in neo-natal wards in the nation’s finest hospitals.


Imagine if you can, that God provided a solution that was simple and easy but when we got away from the Shabbat Table we forgot to practice the Brit Melachim; the covenant of healing.

Every Friday night at sundown the Hebrew family sits down to dinner and dips their Challah (Holla’) bread in the salt. It is enacting a covenant. That we are in a salt covenant with God; so long as I carry His message, do the remembrances, keep His Torah commands and teach them to our children He would keep his people healthy. Notice that none of the patriarchs died of disease. And they had no Blue Cross nor Blue Shield.  They kept with them the wisdom of the fathers. They didn’t take their prescriptions with them from Egypt. Those that did, fell in the dessert.

Don’t be so easily persuaded to believe that your heart is weak or that your blood is flawed. It may very well be deficient but not flawed. WE can restore the blood and we can restore the covenant of Moshiach today.

Take you MEDS! You won’t need medicine. (Med-uh-sin) There is no missing the mark with MED Solutions; Its food!