The phrase “no hoof, no horse” underlines how much the health and the strength of the hoof is crucial for horse soundness.
Dark dry manure is indicative of mineral depletion leading to enteritis. Abundant nutrition supports elimination and a healthy intestinal tract. Poor nutrition in seen in the hoof as well.

Equine E-Lytes provides more essential minerals than you can shake a stick at.

We have Hawk who was foundered so bad that he was essentially a crippled horse with very few good days. Since being on the Equine E-Lytes he hasn’t had one bad day.

The Equine E-Lytes provides natural nutrient elements necessary to support optimal health.

We look to improve everything we touch. Therefore Equine E-Lytes is a great topper for your feed or you can even add it to their water. They’ll choose our living water over water without the nutrient elements of life.