Cure for Cancer?

Easy now!

You can’t just go around saying stuff like this! Sure I can..

Does the Divine Spirit not say that if you hearken unto His voice and do His commands that He would keep all the diseases we saw while we were in Egypt far from us and our children’s children? Is He not our Healer, shall we not be healed? Matthew 9:35 Says that Yeshua (The Salvation of God) went into every TOWN and VILLAGE, teaching in their synagogues (dialogues) and healing EVERY disease and weakness. Since He never changes, we never see a shadow from His turning, and He is not a man that He should lie. Well, lets get started.

What is Cancer? Cancer is a nanomole in the cellular function of the body and a rebellion of sorts with the immune system.

The immune system is governed by good gut health, good nutrition and healthy hydration. At MyO2 MEDS  we began with the understanding that our bodies are made from the dust of the earth, which by the way contains minerals in the dirt. We need to understand the that the electrolyte minerals on the periodic table of elements are the foundation of all health and beauty.

Without the electrolyte mineral nutrition our bodies do not function properly. Without the electrolyte minerals nothing can be made, maintained nor restored. It is a simple concept; bring me building materials and I can build you something. Don’t bring me materials and we’re just hoping our life away for a miracle all the while looking a gift horse in the mouth. We are made to believe that Big Pharma is our only hope, that surgery is the only option (in some cases true), and that Our Doctor knows better than God. Well that’s where I exit the train to nowhere.

I can’t sit back and remain silent. I believe that we are in possession of everything we need to heal and be healed. MEDS is an acronym that stands for Multi-Electrolyte-Dietary-Solutions. It is an age old concept of nutritional enhancement that outperforms all the ambiguous supplements.

If you or someone you love is facing a Cancer diagnosis, Let me encourage you, we can help.


Think about it with me… Doesn’t it make sense to feed you body the very best in organic nutrition? IF you could find the minerals that are supposed to be in the food and go straight to the source receiving more than you could get from the food, doesn’t it make sense to get that and add it to your healthy diet. In this case you will be enhancing an already healthy diet in ways that can’t be matched by eating. You might have to eat 4 large heads of broccoli, or 5 pounds of mushrooms or 1 full box of prunes to get the amount of magnesium we can add to your diet with as little as 40 drops of @Formula513.

Cancer and a healthy colon are never present at the same time. Our goal is to restore gut health first and get you evacuating all the poison from your body by way of Detox. If you have done detoxes before, I don’t care. You have never fed your body while detoxing like you can with the MED Solutions. We need to optimize cellular function and the keys to that normalcy are in the minerals. Our products are all-natural, vegan, gluten free, and certified Non-GMO. It is a food source not a medicine.

Let us help you with Cancer and we won’t have you doing silly things like coffee enemas. Ok?



Rabbi Donald Maher