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Thank you for all that you do to inspire us!

As you very well know the Corona/Wuhan flu has the world in an upheaval. Everyone is more concerned than ever before. Nevermind that the Wuhan flu has a 99.9% survival rate. Now don’t get upset with me when I say that “No healthy people have succumbed to the Covid”.

When I say that I have had people say that so-and-so was healthy but… to which I will say do you know their prescription history? We don’t know all the parameters of the case and the likelihood of us figuring it out is not likely.

What we can do is plan ahead for contact with various antigens and microbes. Our body produces oil also known as sebum; it is acidic and helps to fight off microbial attack by killing the bacterium on contact. Therefore it troubles me that we are being encouraged to drowned our hands in antibacterial alcohol mixtures that steals away all of the natural oils from the hands leaving you vulnerable to bacterial inhabitation; much like having a clean petri dish.

When your body is in need of sebum production it must utilize the minerals available. However since we are drinking water that has been purged of these essential minerals we are falling short, somewhat going bankrupt in the mineral department thereby unable to produce adequate amounts of body oils. This situation could lead to eczema and psoriasis as well as other maladies.

When you feel the first signs of this years flu or cold, don’t panic. Get your minerals ready and begin with a purge utilizing Formula513 and Myo2- meds formulas. combining large amounts of Formula513(1 tsp) and  (1/2 teaspoon) of Myo2meds per 16oz. vessel of water. It is a customary practice by many to fill up 6 bottles (16.9 oz/.5L) with

1 tsp formula513

and 1/2 tsp of Myo2

In each bottle to be consumed 1 bottle per hour for 5 consecutive hours (every our on the hour you are to drink one bottle of water with the high levels of MED Solutions. It provides enough potassium so as to prevent any kidney stress or heart failure. This process will eliminate all unwanted metabolic wastes and reduce the burden upon you immune system; thereby giving you the upper hand when it comes to any strain of flu that they may have conjured up. Each year medical experts derive new strains of the flu virus so as to always be in need of new vaccines. Think about that and let it soak in. If indeed someone isn’t creating new strains on purpose, than God’s Word must be wrong where it says that there is nothing new under the sun, no nothing. Do not be blown this way or that way by every bloing wind of doctrine. Whether bovine cartilage or Vitamin C enemas, the only Kosher solution is to find the proper way to operate the temple of the Living God in such a manner as to produce a healthy, stable peace that passes all understanding.

Stay tuned for more on the body and its function, as well as your responsibility as the steward over this temple. (Tap yourself!)

Thank you!

We would like to start out by giving thanks to our Creator God who has endowed each one of us with His healing virtue.

The MED Solutions was birthed out of the spirit lead studies of the Torah. I give thanks and honor to Rabbi Ralph Messer for his leadership and inspiration. It is that inspiration that leads us to adhere to the belief that Hashem has made all things well and in order. It is our influence over the soil that determines the productivity of the garden.

As we approach the Great and Mighty Day of the Lord we are examining the Book of Esther and drawing near to the beautification processes including the purging of the body from all that is waste or past its usefulness. We are plagued in our world by a spirit of rebellion and destruction, a spirit of envy, jealousy and denial of all that is true and good. We must understand that what we have access to is all that will keep us from the devourer.

During the times preceding the Day of Atonement the body does some interesting things. You must feed the body with an abundance of essential minerals to facilitate the proper function of the organ system. Enzymatic production and hormonal balance are just a couple of functions governed by and supported by our electrolyte nutrition.

When you come to the MED Solutions family you will gain in wisdom and knowledge you can count on and the fear and confusion will dissipate soon as we begin the process.

Remember it took you months, even years to get where you found yourself. Give yourself time to restore your body; 3 months is usually enough time to see the irrefutable evidence of the efficacy of MED Solutions. Discipline brings the results, obedience brings the blessings.

The Temple of God operates on a 3 hour cycle. Do you operate as such? Do you not know that you are the temple of the Living God? Begin by drinking your 16.9 ounce bottle of water every 3 hours beginning at 6 am, 9am, noon, 3pm, and 6pm… Be sure to include your Myo2meds and your Formula513. The Trash from God’s Holy Temple must be emptied 5 times a day to maximize you potential benefits of the Abrahamic Covenant and the Commonwealth of Israel.

We are made in His Image and formed in His Likeness, fearfully and wonderfully constructed by the hands of God and called very good! He hears our cries while we are yet still in the wilderness and He has sent the Redeemer. He has healed every disease and weakness and will not turn away the humble.

Thank you again for your trust and support. We are here for you to help you gain the maximum potential benefit of the Abrahamic Covenant! Thanks be  to Hashem for our Rabbi Messer.

Shalom y’all!

The Maher Family

Cancer What Is It?

What is Cancer?

Cancer is a “term” given to a group of clinical findings. A syndrome is a group of clinical symptoms that comprise a condition of dysfunction. This dysfunction is often called disease. The problem lies in the language we use. When we say disease we hear 800-pound gorilla that we are ill equipped or unqualified to fight or conquer.

When we are looking at Cancer we must look at the fact that there are many different forms of ‘cancer’. There is Bone cancer, Lung Cancer, Skin Cancer, Blood Cancer, Liver Cancer, Pancreatic Cancer, etc. etc. ad infinitum. Yet with all of the funding and research the ‘experts’ can’t seem to get a handle of it. What if we called these conditions mentioned above as Bone, Lung, Skin, Blood, Liver DISORDERS?

It may seem simplistic but it really is about the language we choose. Based upon the language we use, the message is conveyed accurately or inaccurately. The language used may influence you pertaining to ability to overcome. When the doctors use acronyms and large Latin terms most citizens are unfamiliar with it bolsters up the false notion that Cancer is inevitable.

Did you know that when they test a man for prostate cancer they look for mycoses? Mycoses is a form of fungi, yeast and mold. These fungi thrive on sugars, starches and carbohydrates. Those individuals who indulge in high carb diets, alcohol consumption, high meat consumption or pharmaceutical medication usage have a higher likelihood of encountering a dysfunctional state of being than those who don’t.

Cancer cannot exist in a body that is detoxed, clean and efficient in operation. We know and understand that ‘cancer’ is a dysfunction of normalcy. Let’s look at what normalcy is supp

osed to look like.

Our body referred to in 1 Corinthians 3:16 and 6:9 as the temple of The Living God. If that is even remotely true ( I believe it is true) than we must liken our body to the functions of the temple. At 9am, 12 noon and 3pm the temple  operates. That’s three times a day. T

herefore if we are not eliminating 3 times a day we are not even fulfilling the temple service and therefore we may be forced to utilize some other people’s system to address our dysfunction. In fact, one could go a step further and say that if business is to be conducted at 9am , 12 noon & 3pm we mustn’t show up to open up shop at 8:59 am. We mustn’t think that after 3 pm comes around we can leave the shop/temple without servicing the temple before we leave for the evening. The Spirit of God revealed that if we show up at 6am with the morning prayer of grattitute, we wash and prepare for the day, and that we

follow through at the end of the day at 6pm-6:18pm we finish our 5th bottle of water with abundant amount of nutritional minerals we will find it easier to eliminate the metabolic wastes that ferment in the gut. 

If Cancer was a mold, mildew, fungi or yeast it requires warm moist environment to thrive and grow. What if the multitude of prescription pills that are made with cornstarch contain fungi, y

east or the like? What if we are convinced to take a benevolent pill that contains contaminated cornstarch or Ma

ize starch. Could it be that the fungus that has been genetically mo

dified into the corn and other grains is getting into the bloodstream carrying the cancer causing Mycoses to become systemic?

If we feed the body an abundant amount of non-chelated, non-colloidal essential mineral nutrition we will eliminate the feces and filth frequently from the body, making for a healthy environment for growth and restoration.

If you or a loved one is wrestling with a diagnosis of cancer, call us today and let us help give you the hope you desire.

We have personalized protocol that we can provide for your family.


Cancer and the fear mechanism.

I did not give you the spirit of fear but of power, might and a sound mind.

Are we not made in His Image and in His Likeness are we not formed? Is He not the Healer and shall we not be healed? Is there anything new under the sun? Did God fail to plan for cancer?

What is Mildew and Blight in the Scriptures? Could Cancer be solved? Is there anything new under the sun?

Did the Creator fail to anticipate cancer?

Did you know that the PSA test is comprised of testing for five(5) different mycosis (fungi)?

Could cancer be the culmination of poor hygiene and purely innocent ignorance?

Those who possess the wisdom, do they freely share the wisdom? Do they teach? Do they teach correctly?

Would you entertain hiring a math teacher for your future generations who thinks that 2+2= (1-99 range and sometimes its 4). Would you let that sort of individual have their influence upon the young minds you call your own?

Who told you  that #Cancer runs in your family? What makes you believe that? Have you picked up a line of reasoning that is based upon the false presupposition that The Creator Blessed be His Name, rolls the dice, that He gambles and sometimes He wins and sometimes He loses? Have you the line of reasoning that come Hell or high water you want to lift up the Banner of the Victory? We want to help you find the wisdom and the strength to stand on the facts of great nutrition (more than one level) and steadiness and consistency of a principled people; a nation dedicated to success. MED Solutions (MEDS) is an acronym a concept if you will. It encompasses within its very nature that we have the Real MED Solutions. The concept that we need ‘medicine’ is birthed from the notion that; 1. there is a dysfunction and 2. that there should be a “treatment” rather than a Solution. We believe in the order of design and when irregularity is minimized, proficiency can bloom. We provide a rainbow of pharmaceutical quality, food grade liquid ionic dietary mineral solutions that being the periodic table of elements to life! YOur organs were Fearfully and Wonderfully Made by the Hand of Him that creates. An immune system, a respiratory system, a cardiovascular system, a digestive system, a transportation system, a skeletal system, a endocrine system a Sanitation system all need Kosher MED Solutions nutrition to maximize your potential benefits of the Abrahamic Covenant Genesis 15:7-8, Genesis 17:7-8. The Land that has been sworn to our ancestors and their children is the Land of Milk and Honey (Teaching and Instruction), It is a lifestyle of health and healing by way of the application of the principles of our fathers.

The Brit Melachim is the covenant of Healing. It provides the cell walls with the keys to cell function and metabolic homeostasis. The evacuation of the metabolic wastes is facilitated by way of electrol-magnetically charged minerals that attach to the ‘toxin’ and carry it by way of the blood stream to the organs of elimination such as the liver and the kidneys.

An Irregular bowel is the breeding ground for Candida infection of the gut that leads to cancer! Get the Formula513 and make it a principle by which we live.

Let us take you into the realm of king and leader over your land/soil/flesh and you take up residence within with the help from the MEDS family.


Rabbi Donald Maher

February is Heart Month at MED Solutions

We want to thank all of you who are walking in the trust grounded obedience of MED Solutions.

2019 is going to be different because you are doing something different. We are instructing our adult customers to take in one bottle of water (16.9 oz/.5 liter) every 3 hours beginning at 6am, and following suit at 9am, 12-noon, 3pm, 6pm and 9pm. All water must have been fortified with essential mineral nutrition from Myo2 MEDS and Formula513-MEDS. If you have added the single ionic minerals you should add them to your bottles of Green Zone water as directed. Be sure that you spend time with Rabbi Maher for clarity of instruction and understanding.

We are offering each of you a bonus Travel Set with every order over $100.

Did you know that increased lipid counts, high HDL and LDL as well as fatty liver are indicators of mineral deficiencies and increased blood viscosity that could lead to heart attack or stroke? Formula513 provides increased magnesium which helps support the smooth muscle tissue of the arteries and the cardiovascular system. Magnesium also helps with protein and enzyme production throughout the organ system. Chloride helps the spleen to produce healthy red blood cells and increase the oxygen efficiency of the blood and the respiratory system. Many claim that they feel brighter and cleaner when the follow the instruction of the MED Solutions and doctor No-Knife.

Get your single Ionic Minerals this week and take advantage of an extra week’s worth of Multi Electrolyte Dietary Solutions.

February Heart Health Campaign

This offer is subject to change at anytime.  Hurry don’t miss out!

Go to our Website at www.myo2meds.com and order your New Year’s Advantage today!

Would you like to contribute a memorial for your healing? Now you can contribute to Rabbi Donald Maher and family directly at Cash App $MEDSolutions. You can book your time with Rabbi with a contribution of any size.

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made!


The body is incredible! The immune system, the epidermis and the recreation of new skin cells not to mention the strength of the heart!

It is all so amazing. So what has bewitched us to think that the Creator God who creates us in His image has failed to do so? What makes us think that the God who is ths same yesterday today and forever somehow got old and sloppy? I am not buying it.

There are older people who feel better that younger people. There are elderly who never saw took a pill in their life. There are folks that lived near the refineries and they don’t have cancer. Who can explain it? Well the Scriptures say we are made in His image, formed in His likeness, filled with His Spirit and moved to desire to know His ways.

That is the driving force for MED Solutions; to free us from the spirit of fear, the pharmaceutical merry-go-rounds and that nonstop circle of surgeries that compromises our strength rather than restore it. MED Solutions is NOT MEDICINE. MED Solutions is a dietary mineral solution produced in food grade quality so pure it has been used in neo-natal wards in the nation’s finest hospitals.


Imagine if you can, that God provided a solution that was simple and easy but when we got away from the Shabbat Table we forgot to practice the Brit Melachim; the covenant of healing.

Every Friday night at sundown the Hebrew family sits down to dinner and dips their Challah (Holla’) bread in the salt. It is enacting a covenant. That we are in a salt covenant with God; so long as I carry His message, do the remembrances, keep His Torah commands and teach them to our children He would keep his people healthy. Notice that none of the patriarchs died of disease. And they had no Blue Cross nor Blue Shield.  They kept with them the wisdom of the fathers. They didn’t take their prescriptions with them from Egypt. Those that did, fell in the dessert.

Don’t be so easily persuaded to believe that your heart is weak or that your blood is flawed. It may very well be deficient but not flawed. WE can restore the blood and we can restore the covenant of Moshiach today.

Take you MEDS! You won’t need medicine. (Med-uh-sin) There is no missing the mark with MED Solutions; Its food!

Cure for Cancer?

Easy now!

You can’t just go around saying stuff like this! Sure I can..

Does the Divine Spirit not say that if you hearken unto His voice and do His commands that He would keep all the diseases we saw while we were in Egypt far from us and our children’s children? Is He not our Healer, shall we not be healed? Matthew 9:35 Says that Yeshua (The Salvation of God) went into every TOWN and VILLAGE, teaching in their synagogues (dialogues) and healing EVERY disease and weakness. Since He never changes, we never see a shadow from His turning, and He is not a man that He should lie. Well, lets get started.

What is Cancer? Cancer is a nanomole in the cellular function of the body and a rebellion of sorts with the immune system.

The immune system is governed by good gut health, good nutrition and healthy hydration. At MyO2 MEDS  we began with the understanding that our bodies are made from the dust of the earth, which by the way contains minerals in the dirt. We need to understand the that the electrolyte minerals on the periodic table of elements are the foundation of all health and beauty.

Without the electrolyte mineral nutrition our bodies do not function properly. Without the electrolyte minerals nothing can be made, maintained nor restored. It is a simple concept; bring me building materials and I can build you something. Don’t bring me materials and we’re just hoping our life away for a miracle all the while looking a gift horse in the mouth. We are made to believe that Big Pharma is our only hope, that surgery is the only option (in some cases true), and that Our Doctor knows better than God. Well that’s where I exit the train to nowhere.

I can’t sit back and remain silent. I believe that we are in possession of everything we need to heal and be healed. MEDS is an acronym that stands for Multi-Electrolyte-Dietary-Solutions. It is an age old concept of nutritional enhancement that outperforms all the ambiguous supplements.

If you or someone you love is facing a Cancer diagnosis, Let me encourage you, we can help.


Think about it with me… Doesn’t it make sense to feed you body the very best in organic nutrition? IF you could find the minerals that are supposed to be in the food and go straight to the source receiving more than you could get from the food, doesn’t it make sense to get that and add it to your healthy diet. In this case you will be enhancing an already healthy diet in ways that can’t be matched by eating. You might have to eat 4 large heads of broccoli, or 5 pounds of mushrooms or 1 full box of prunes to get the amount of magnesium we can add to your diet with as little as 40 drops of @Formula513.

Cancer and a healthy colon are never present at the same time. Our goal is to restore gut health first and get you evacuating all the poison from your body by way of Detox. If you have done detoxes before, I don’t care. You have never fed your body while detoxing like you can with the MED Solutions. We need to optimize cellular function and the keys to that normalcy are in the minerals. Our products are all-natural, vegan, gluten free, and certified Non-GMO. It is a food source not a medicine.

Let us help you with Cancer and we won’t have you doing silly things like coffee enemas. Ok?



Rabbi Donald Maher