No Time Like The Present

There has never been a time when our health was more of a commodity worthy of protection than now.

Today with new variants of pathogens being released from labs around the globe we see the need for a healthy and vibrant immune system. The immune system is a diverse and complex system that when it is in a state of normalcy is quite amazing. The body is carrying around with it a water purification plant if you will. You eat, and you bath the foods you eat with digestive acids also known as digestive enzymes. Digestive Enzymes are created in the Pancreases, the Gall Bladder and the Appendix. All of them secrete digestive acids by which all foods are digested and broken down in order to receive the nutrients held captive within the food we consume. Those ‘digestive enzymes’ include the likes of Insulin. Insulin is also a hormone as well as a digestive acid.

Now let’s look at the pancreas that is said to no longer produce insulin. Could it be that the pancreas is bankrupted and hasn’t got enough building materials to produce the insulin/acids and that pancreas is either dead or the narrative that is being spoken is vague and ambiguous. The pancreas can not be dead in the body. So what is it doing? The pancreas is waiting for two things; for you to remove the obstructive matter in the colon that is prohibiting the excretion of the insulin that is being produced and to feed the pancreas the building materials needed to produce more abundant amounts of acids so as to improve the efficiency of the digestive tract.

If you have a history of constipation or irregularity, you can have an obstruction in the way of the ureter of the pancreas that can prohibit the flow of acids and create inflammation in the pancreas called pancreatitis. This could lead to damage of the cells that could be labeled as cancer.

The digestive tract is the greatest taxer of the body. It is the most vile and unclean area of the body. Therefor it is beneficial to keep the colon from holding onto poisonous refuse for longer than three hours at a time. You can hold it for longer but you shouldn’t have to. In nature, animals daily eliminate far more frequently than do humans. This taxes the immune system because the caustic fecal matter is burning the mucus lining inside the colon. The body is designed to accommodate this process by the constant generation of new cells and mucus; all of which requires building material; electrolyte minerals.

Hence, Med Solutions!

We are Multi Electrolyte Delivery Solutions. We supply the foundation for nutrition and we educate all of our clients with truth rather than speculation and ambiguity.

Remember how we learned from our Rabbi that there was Spring Cleaning and there was Fall Cleaning? It is always a good time to clean God’s Temple. 1 Corinthians 3:14-16, 6:9