What can you do to protect your household health?

With all that we have been through we must ask ourselves who it is that we can trust?

Those calling themselves experts are without answers and those with answers are being silenced and cancelled. We have a moral obligation to humanity to ask the hard questions; who is it in charge of our health? Who is it that is educating us? What is the dialogue being spoken?

One thing that we can do well is provide the needed additional nutrition in order for your organ system to thrive.

You need to be able to extract and remove all the metabolic wastes. Electrolyte minerals so just that! You won’t have to sped money on vitamins and supplements if you add to your diet the MED Solutions.

We now have Colloidal sprays for antimicrobial protection against any antigens that could cause infection. We have Gold, Silver, platinum and copper. Each one is pH balanced and safe for ocular use as well as oral and topical.