Cancer and the fear mechanism.

I did not give you the spirit of fear but of power, might and a sound mind.

Are we not made in His Image and in His Likeness are we not formed? Is He not the Healer and shall we not be healed? Is there anything new under the sun? Did God fail to plan for cancer?

What is Mildew and Blight in the Scriptures? Could Cancer be solved? Is there anything new under the sun?

Did the Creator fail to anticipate cancer?

Did you know that the PSA test is comprised of testing for five(5) different mycosis (fungi)?

Could cancer be the culmination of poor hygiene and purely innocent ignorance?

Those who possess the wisdom, do they freely share the wisdom? Do they teach? Do they teach correctly?

Would you entertain hiring a math teacher for your future generations who thinks that 2+2= (1-99 range and sometimes its 4). Would you let that sort of individual have their influence upon the young minds you call your own?

Who told you  that #Cancer runs in your family? What makes you believe that? Have you picked up a line of reasoning that is based upon the false presupposition that The Creator Blessed be His Name, rolls the dice, that He gambles and sometimes He wins and sometimes He loses? Have you the line of reasoning that come Hell or high water you want to lift up the Banner of the Victory? We want to help you find the wisdom and the strength to stand on the facts of great nutrition (more than one level) and steadiness and consistency of a principled people; a nation dedicated to success. MED Solutions (MEDS) is an acronym a concept if you will. It encompasses within its very nature that we have the Real MED Solutions. The concept that we need ‘medicine’ is birthed from the notion that; 1. there is a dysfunction and 2. that there should be a “treatment” rather than a Solution. We believe in the order of design and when irregularity is minimized, proficiency can bloom. We provide a rainbow of pharmaceutical quality, food grade liquid ionic dietary mineral solutions that being the periodic table of elements to life! YOur organs were Fearfully and Wonderfully Made by the Hand of Him that creates. An immune system, a respiratory system, a cardiovascular system, a digestive system, a transportation system, a skeletal system, a endocrine system a Sanitation system all need Kosher MED Solutions nutrition to maximize your potential benefits of the Abrahamic Covenant Genesis 15:7-8, Genesis 17:7-8. The Land that has been sworn to our ancestors and their children is the Land of Milk and Honey (Teaching and Instruction), It is a lifestyle of health and healing by way of the application of the principles of our fathers.

The Brit Melachim is the covenant of Healing. It provides the cell walls with the keys to cell function and metabolic homeostasis. The evacuation of the metabolic wastes is facilitated by way of electrol-magnetically charged minerals that attach to the ‘toxin’ and carry it by way of the blood stream to the organs of elimination such as the liver and the kidneys.

An Irregular bowel is the breeding ground for Candida infection of the gut that leads to cancer! Get the Formula513 and make it a principle by which we live.

Let us take you into the realm of king and leader over your land/soil/flesh and you take up residence within with the help from the MEDS family.


Rabbi Donald Maher