The ‘Tyler Rose’ says, “Take your M.E.D.S”

Everyone’s favorite running back Earl Campbell endorses Myo2MEDS™ and Formula513™ for your hydration recovery.

Early in 2013 we were blessed to see my personal favorite running back Earl Campbell come through our doors. We began his Myotherapy treatments to address the injury that has plagued him for over fifteen years. In that fifteen years, Earl has tried near every means of treatment to end his plight with chronic pain. “In all the years,” Earl told me, “I’ve never received any Myotherapy (massage) like this.”

Myochanics gets the lactic acid and other metabolic waste products loose from the muscle tissue via proprietary Myochanics techniques. MEDS provide the multi-electrolyte-delivery-solution that carries out the waste products to the organs of elimination.
Therefore we are able to isolate specific muscle groups that encompass the nerve or cause misalignment in the skeletal geometry. And, we are able to expedite the removal of toxins produced via normal metabolic activity and even more in hyper tense, by way of the electro-magnetic properties of the electrolytes.

It was at that time that we began him on the Myo2MEDS™ and the Formula513™ for detox.
It seems that through out the years of playing football, Earl produced more lactic acid than his body could dispose of. It was long after his football career had ended that his back “gave out.” But looking back on the mechanics of his injury, I can see that he never had anyone do the Myochanics techniques and most importantly there was never a product like Myo2MEDS back then.

You see, all the goliath-ades have been around for forty years with very little change.
This is the 21st Century and it’s high time we demanded more from our electrolyte replacement drinks.

Myo2MEDS™ makes it easy with our drops. Just add Myo2MEDS™ to whatever you drink and boost the electrolyte value of that drink and make everything you drink healthier.

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