Beautiful and Vibrant at 75


Beautiful and Vibrant at 75 Ramona Garcia of Denver Colorado dances for Yeshua

“Dr Don” and Annette visited our ministry several weeks ago and he suggested I try the Formula 513 in my water….it works to make the water more alkaline… I was very interested therefore I purchased the drops… 40 drops during the course of the day in my water… I preferred after that to use them in my fruit smoothie and then in the Almond Milk… after about a week, I began to have a lot more energy and just the elimination from taking them was making my body feel so much better… I am 75 yrs old, feel more energetic, it removed the fatigue I was experiencing before and even aches and pains seem to go away, … Just knowing that my body is getting the minerals that it needs gives me a peace of mind… The drops are so convenient and you can drop them in your food, water, juice, even milk… I noticed the curdling effect in the milk but just knowing there was something good for me at the bottom of the glass caused me to drink it even more.. did not change the taste of the milk or juice at all…

Thanks Dr. Donald and Annette for sharing Formula 513 with the world… …


Ramona Garcia

Denver CO

Ramona attends Simchat Torah Beit Midrash and dances weekly during Shabbat Services. At 75 she should be very proud of how blessed she is. I was blessed to sit next to her during services as I believe she resembles my own mother. Tune in live weekly to see some extrordinary worship and praise.

May 1, 2015

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