Myo2Meds 60 dsay challenge

My 60 Day Challenge MyO2MEDS™

Myo2Meds 60 dsay challenge

Myo2Meds 60 dsay challengeDear Donald and Annette,


First let me say I have tried just about everything out there to become healthy and loss weight. A close friend referred me to you and told me to give the Formula513™ and MyO2Meds™ a try. I have to say I was VERY skeptical at first.

When I first started out I was so tired and exhausted all the time, had high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and high cholesterol. I took 7 different kinds of prescriptions to “make me better”. They didn’t make me better. In fact, I was getting worse and had horrible side effects from them. I gradually started decreasing my meds, against my Doctors advice, but I was sick and tired of feeling “sick and tired”! My body didn’t get this sick overnight, and I realize it won’t be healed overnight either, but the changes I have seen this far are amazing!!

I have been taking the drops for about 2 months now and my weight has gone from 300 pounds down to 270!! I have not been below 290 in more than 11 years.

My blood pressure has returned to normal (without prescription medication) and while my blood sugars are still above the normal range they have dropped significantly even without the medication to reduce my levels. I know with my continued progress I will be diabetes free! I was highly addicted to sugar and carbs and just ate way too many. I started taking an amino acid to help curb the cravings but now can indulge in a normal amount.

I have so much energy and vitality to actually get up and get moving again! I owe it all to these minerals! I actually forgot my travel bottles just the other day and felt so tired, sluggish and unfocused the whole day. I really never realized how much better I do feel when I am taking them until now!

We use the Formula 513 on so many other things. From a drop on canker sores (ulcers) which seem to heal almost overnight, to bug bites and cuts and scrapes. The healing powers of this mineral are more than fantastic and more effective than OTC drugs.

When I find a product that can make such a huge change for me I want everyone to experience the benefits! My wife and kids are now taking the formulations and are seeing improved sleep, concentration and overall well-being. My step father has been suffering from horrible leg cramps for many, many years and since the first day he started on the minerals they have completely stopped!! My coworkers are now curious as to how I am losing weight and become healthy and are going to start on their own road to wellness. I can’t wait until they do!

These minerals are truly the real deal to health and wellness. Thank you so very much for making and providing me and my family the initial building blocks to healing our bodies.

I will keep you posted of my progress!


Steven Cady

Steven Cady Texas Myo2meds™ May 1, 2015

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