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    MYo2MEDS™ Electrolyte Hydration Solution Drops

    Myo2 is a Multi-Electrolyte Delivery System Hydration Solution Drop formula, hence the acronym M.E.D.S.™, designed to assure safety for athletes of all ages. Myo2™ is not just for athletes though. Many people can benefit from the 72 trace minerals present in every bottle of Myo2 MEDS™. Formula513™ is also a Multi-Electrolyte Delivery System that is geared to restore the magnesium and chloride deficiencies and has less potassium and sodium.

    Formula513™ is ideal for those individuals who may be battling fatigue, fibromyalgia, brain fog, lack of mental clarity, and those who wish to address an acidic body type. MEDS™ contains the four ‘macro’ minerals: Magnesium , Chloride, Sodium and Potassium as well as 72 Trace Minerals harvested from the Great Salt Lake in Utah.

    In every 16 ounce bottle of water place 15-20 drops of MyO2MEDS™.
    You can use more per bottle if you are in extreme conditions of any kind such as running, soccer, basketball, football or even full contact golf. Just kidding!
    Any circumstances that could elevate your metabolism will demand more electrolytes and minerals.
    Now you can get the purest form of multi-electrolyte delivery solution available in every drop of MyO2MEDS™

    MyO2MEDS™ and MEDS™ are the same product.
    They are packaged differently only.
    The MyO2 4ounce bottle
    and the MEDS .83 ounce bottle
    are the same great product.
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