Is Electrolyte/Mineral Nutrition The Most Trending Thing Now?

  1. Do you drink water?
  2. Do you drink bottled water?
  3. Do you drink Sodas or carbonated beverages?
  4. Do you drink beer or alcohol?
  5. Did you know that all of the above will actually compromise your water to electrolyte ratio?

That’s right. Water from the tap doesn’t have enough electrolyte minerals to pay back all that you spend. Most of America is in a deficit to begin with when it comes to our electrolyte/mineral nutrition, essentially leaving us ‘malnourished’.

Bottled water has been so finely filtered with micron filters and Reverse Osmosis (RO) filtration systems that the water is lacking all minerals.
Carbonated Sodas and beverages rob the body of magnesium and other minerals thereby negatively affecting the body’s electrolyte balance.
Alcohol depletes the body of essential minerals through the diuretic affect of alcohol.

This summer will be hot as usual.
Don’t hydrate like usual!
Hydrate like never before. Hydrate like you mean it.
Hydrate like a pro.
Hydrate with MEDS
Multi Electrolyte Delivery Solution

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