The Truth About Sudden Death Syndrome in Sports-Heat and Dehydration.

This summer promises to be hot! What provisions and protection has your school made for your student athletes? Every year some poor parent has to lay their child to rest because we fail to improve hydration in America.
MyO2 MEDS™ has gone the extra mile to provide America with the hydration recovery solution that will prevent any more Sudden Death Syndrome as Related to Heat and Dehydration.
Did you know that you can give your students too much water and cause kidney failure?

myo2meds-month-supply-Sudden Death Syndrome as Related to Heat and Dehydration.

MyO2MEDS – Hydration and Better Health

Did you know that tap water doesn’t have enough electrolyte minerals to replace what is lost through the sweating process?


It has been forty years since America was introduced to ‘Cool-Ade’ with sodium bicarbonate and sugar.
There is a better way.

Give them water and MEDS™ and save a life. Safe for all ages even you coaches! Do you take sudden death syndrome seriously, that can be related to Heat and Dehydration  at your school or practice field?



  • Organic,
  • Gluten Free
  • Sugar Free
  • Stimulant Free
  • Vegan
  • Zero Calories
  • Zero Carbs
  • Provides Magnesium for heart health
  • Chloride for cognitive function and myoglobin support; oxygenation
  • Potassium for cramp elimination and blood pressure support
  • and Sodium in safe levels


Too much sodium can cause encephalitis.

We can send your school sports program 2-32oz. bottles and 6 pocket size for coaches ideal for the ‘on the field’ cramps for only $320- that makes 416 gallons of superior professional grade oral rehydration solution (ORS). Click Here to purchase your life saver to stop sudden death syndrome as related to heat and dehydration.