How This Male Performance Trick That’s Going Viral


Male performance is the most common subject today in websites, forums and even on national television adds.

Everyone is peddling this or that. But no one is offering an easy explanation of how it works. Whether it is plant based or pharmaceutical the healing virtue in any substance is the mineral presence. Everything under the sun is made from the elements, including mankind. Our bodies are designed to intake and excrete minerals as they are vital for cell function and detoxification.

Let’s talk common sense about male performance and men’s health. The body works on hydraulics. Our blood, plasma and interstitial fluids flow throughout the body entering and exiting the cell wall matrix via the presence of electrolyte minerals. The fluids carry food, nutrients and oxygen in as well as metabolic waste products out of the cells. That fluid is maintained by organs such as the kidneys, spleen, liver and other excretory glands or organs.

mens health myo2meds formula 513

Maintenance of the fluid in our body is vital for optimal function. Every time you sweat, urinate, defecate your body is excreting essential minerals. Just look at day laborers shirts and you will see the evidence in the salt rings on the fabric. Use of Caffeine or alcohol exacerbates the excretion of excess minerals through the diuretic effect of both substances.

When your body becomes ‘dehydrated’ it is lacking minerals and not necessarily water. Take for instance a 350-lb man who is undeniably carrying too much water and yet he too can collapse from dehydration. Could it be that we are misconceived at the notion of what dehydration looks like?

Why does the hospital give you IV bags of solution that contain magnesium, chloride, sodium and potassium? Because. These are the four macro minerals necessary to restore and maintain healthy blood viscosity.

Now MyO2 MEDS™ offers a dietary oral solution to the blood viscosity problem. If you drink coffee, tea, sodas or alcohol you are taxing your system. Your heart can’t pump thick high viscosity blood into the capillaries of the organs without restoring proper viscosity. MyO2 MEDS™ does just that all naturally without dangerous drugs or stimulants.

Replace your electrolytes with all natural MyO2 MEDS™ and immediately feel the energy boost, increased stamina and faster recovery. Your hydraulics need to be restored to factory specifications. We have your solution!

How MyO2MEDS™ Electrolytes Can Increase Your Health!

You Maybe Experiencing Electrolyte Imbalance

Multi-Electrolytes Delivery solution by MyO2MEDS™ are very important because they replace what your cells lost during activities to maintain electric tension across their cell membranes and to carry electrical impulses  across themselves and to other cells.

Your kidneys work to keep the electrolyte concentrations in your blood constant despite all the changes that take place in your body all day.

For example, if you play Sports, you lose electrolytes in your sweat, particularly sodium and potassium. If you fish, work in the military, exercise, or any other activity that can cause sweating or loss of electrolytes.

Multi-Electrolyte Delivery Solution

These electrolytes that are lost must be replaced by using MyO2MEDS™ –multi-electrolyte delivery solution, and adding them to your water to keep the electrolyte concentrations of your body fluids regular and constant.

In every 16 ounce bottle of water place 15-20 drops of MyO2MEDS™.
You can use more per bottle if you are in extreme conditions of any kind such as running, soccer, basketball, football or even full contact golf. Just kidding!

Any circumstances that could elevate your metabolism will demand more electrolytes and minerals.
Now you can get the purest form of multi-electrolyte delivery solution available in every drop of MyO2MEDS™

Another example where MyO2MEDS™ used are important is when infants/children have chronic vomiting or diarrhea, perhaps due to intestinal flu viruses. When children vomit or have diarrhea, they lose electrolytes.

Again, these electrolytes and the fluids must be replaced to prevent dehydration and seizures.

Therefore, adding MyO2MEDS™ to your infants regular drink each day will replace the electrolytes lost.

The Truth About Sudden Death Syndrome in Sports-Heat and Dehydration.

This summer promises to be hot! What provisions and protection has your school made for your student athletes? Every year some poor parent has to lay their child to rest because we fail to improve hydration in America.
MyO2 MEDS™ has gone the extra mile to provide America with the hydration recovery solution that will prevent any more Sudden Death Syndrome as Related to Heat and Dehydration.
Did you know that you can give your students too much water and cause kidney failure?

myo2meds-month-supply-Sudden Death Syndrome as Related to Heat and Dehydration.

MyO2MEDS – Hydration and Better Health

Did you know that tap water doesn’t have enough electrolyte minerals to replace what is lost through the sweating process?


It has been forty years since America was introduced to ‘Cool-Ade’ with sodium bicarbonate and sugar.
There is a better way.

Give them water and MEDS™ and save a life. Safe for all ages even you coaches! Do you take sudden death syndrome seriously, that can be related to Heat and Dehydration  at your school or practice field?



  • Organic,
  • Gluten Free
  • Sugar Free
  • Stimulant Free
  • Vegan
  • Zero Calories
  • Zero Carbs
  • Provides Magnesium for heart health
  • Chloride for cognitive function and myoglobin support; oxygenation
  • Potassium for cramp elimination and blood pressure support
  • and Sodium in safe levels


Too much sodium can cause encephalitis.

We can send your school sports program 2-32oz. bottles and 6 pocket size for coaches ideal for the ‘on the field’ cramps for only $320- that makes 416 gallons of superior professional grade oral rehydration solution (ORS). Click Here to purchase your life saver to stop sudden death syndrome as related to heat and dehydration.


Keep your American Hero hydrated

Dehydration in the Military

High Intense physical training and performance and hot, high humidity, and warm weather are  the most common causes of dehydration of our soldiers in the U.S. Military. Soldiers are often required to carry 80+pound rucksacks (backpacks) and perform high intense training or combat exercises at full capacity all in extreme climates. Not to mention, During  a soldiers basic training or in combat situations, they don’t have the opportunity  to stop often, cool down and recover. Myo2MEDS™ is the answer.

With such physical and high demands on the body, soldiers sweat vital fluids and essential electrolytes out at a very rapid pace. In extremely hot, dry climates, for example, a soldier can lose up to 3 liters of sweat per hour.

We are proud to offer you a way to send our soldiers M.E.D.S™– Multi Electrolyte Delivery Solutions for their safety and hydration.
Each day our Uniformed Military and Armed Forces are placed in hostile environments including but not limited to 100+ degree heat while wearing their full battle dress uniforms.

What is your soldier drinking?

Water provided by our military for our men and women is Reverse Osmosis filtered.

They have great RO filters, and we are very appreciative for them too. However, the human body needs mineral replacement to function optimally. Drinking desalinated water will dehydrate the body. Dehydration of the body will lead to desiccation (drying out) of the intervertebral discs; degenerative disc conditions result from mineral depletion.
Many soldiers today deal with low back issues as a result of mineral depletion. MEDS™ provides the minerals you need to hydrate and function better. Once the water is made suitable for human consumption, minerals need to be added back to the water.

Our soldiers are essentially tri-athletes who push their body to the limit.Isn’t it time they had more than Sodium.

For Years standard of the industry in hydration provided only sodium as electrolyte replacement.

Your body must have more.An imbalance in electrolytes can lead to water retention which leads to elevated blood pressure, heart palpitation, arrhythmia, tachycardia, congestive heart failure, pericarditis, and the like.
MEDS™ proprietary blend of Magnesium, Chloride, Sodium, Potassium and Sulfate along with 72 other trace minerals are vital in support of healthy cell maintenance and repair.

Do you struggle with any of the following?


Ankylosising Spondolytis,

Rheumatoid Arthritis,






Muscle Aches,

Plantar Fasciitis,

Heel Spurs,


“bad Knees”,

Rotator cuff injury,

“Gravel Neck”,

Carpal Tunnel,

Thoracic Outlet Syndrome,

Tommy John Syndrome,

Ulnar Nerve entrapment,

Migraine Headaches,


Excema or

Weak Hair and Nails…

Did you know that most all of these maladies are the result of poor hydration???

We’ll talk about the definition of hydration later.

Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and High Cholesterol are all mitigated by mineral deficiencies.

For instance, High blood pressure can be positively affected by increasing the body’s electrolyte minerals; especially Potassium, Magnesium and Chloride.Diabetes can be affected by replacing Chromium, Selenium, Boron, Zinc, and Manganese. Each one of these minerals are found in every bottle of Myo2MEDS™ and Formula513™ in trace amounts.

Cholesterol is treated with Calcium based derivative drugs. But the missing element is magnesium. No one thinks about the Magnesium. The result is rabdomyalosis or wasting away of the muscle tissue and cramping. The results can be debilitating nerve pain. If you take any of the big pharma cholesterol pills, take a look at the side affects and be amazed.

Military Searching For A Solution to the Heat

We are desperately trying to get this M.E.D.S™ product recognized by the Dept. of Defense.

Would you be so kind as to inform your favorite soldier of the product? And while you’re at it will you call your Congressman and tell them that our soldiers need MEDS™ more now than ever.

The Corps of Engineers drills water wells and installs Reverse Osmosis water filters so as to provide a clean and safe water supply. However, the RO method removes all electrolyte minerals leaving the water with an unhealthy characteristic ; no minerals.

Boost Your Stamina with 5 Essential Minerals


5 Smooth Stones

Goliath (The Big “G”) was defeated by the Little Guy. David picked up 5 smooth stones which represents the First Five Books of the Bible.
We feel that it is our calling to tell the world about the 5 macro minerals; Magnesium, Chloride, Sodium, Potassium and Sulfate.

All of these minerals are electrolytes that help to hydrate the body and the blood.

Good hydration depends on more than Sodium and Sugar.
Get the Goods!

Too much water and too little minerals

Water retention is common in military personnel as the electrolyte levels fall.
Sore joints and achy muscles are indicators of a mineral imbalance.

Headaches and fatigue, constipation and irregular bowels are also indicators of mineral imbalance. Low libido, impotence and prostatitis are also indicative that electrolyte minerals need replacing.There is no easier nor more effective way to increase your electrolyte minerals than with the MEDS family of liquid Multi-Electrolyte-Delivery-Solutions.
Myo2MEDS™ in the CamelBak

Myo2MEDS™ works perfectly in your CamelBak and canteen and requires NO ADDITIONAL CLEANUP!

Add as much minerals as you desire to your rehydration recovery solution and tailor fit your water to your needs.

Myo2MEDS™ was used in Kuwait and performed tremendous. We had testimonials from a 56yr old Sargent who was running 4-5 miles every morning in the 95 degree early morning weather.

Don’t let them get deployed without their MEDS™

We’ll Ship to your soldier on any US offshore base or post for free. We support our troops. We believe that they deserve to be provided with the very best.

If you purchase your own at this time we can get it into the hands of our boots on the ground and they inturn can get the suppliers to order.

We are set up to deal with the government. Please help us with the first step of getting it into the hands of our very best. They will demand it be furnished once they try it. Its very clear how well the product will perform.

Thank you,
The Maher Family

K-9 E-lite from MYo2MEDS™

Kelev is the Hebrew word for dog.
A dog is faithful unto death, dedicated to the tribe, the clan, the family at all costs. Even willing to lay down their own life to defend the life of the master. There’s a man named Caleb in the Bible who lived with Joshua. He too was named because of his faithful devotion to God.

MyO2 MEDS™ is proud to announce the availability of K-9 E-lite™ (ee-leet) the electrolyte replacement and nutritional enhancement for dogs.
We were motivated to investigate the cause of too many young service dogs being euthanized due to kidney disease.
The cause is less the genetics and more the lack of nutritional minerals in the diet.

If you think that your dog is doing good drinking RO filtered water, you’re wrong.
Dogs eat dirt, drink from ‘unclean’ sources even when you are providing what you think is the best you can.
However, the dog and many other animals incoherently look for the missing minerals in such vile places as the toilet.

Now you can rest assured that your dog will stop drinking out of the toilet and eating cat dirt when you provide them with the finest and purest essential minerals that money can buy.

We have kept it affordable and one (1) 3.5 ounce; 100g package will yield 17+ gallons of mineral rich, electrolyte fortified rehydration solution.
We guarantee your dog will be energized. Hair, nails and cartilage will be supported and you can know that you are providing everything you can to assure health and wellness.

K-9 Elite will support a healthy pH level to combat the occurrence of cancer.

I dedicate this post to Alvin Martin of Colorado and to his caretakers.
Enjoy the Master’s table boy.

Take a look at Jack our friend; He is 15 yrs. old.

The ‘Tyler Rose’ says, “Take your M.E.D.S”

Everyone’s favorite running back Earl Campbell endorses Myo2MEDS™ and Formula513™ for your hydration recovery.

Early in 2013 we were blessed to see my personal favorite running back Earl Campbell come through our doors. We began his Myotherapy treatments to address the injury that has plagued him for over fifteen years. In that fifteen years, Earl has tried near every means of treatment to end his plight with chronic pain. “In all the years,” Earl told me, “I’ve never received any Myotherapy (massage) like this.”

Myochanics gets the lactic acid and other metabolic waste products loose from the muscle tissue via proprietary Myochanics techniques. MEDS provide the multi-electrolyte-delivery-solution that carries out the waste products to the organs of elimination.
Therefore we are able to isolate specific muscle groups that encompass the nerve or cause misalignment in the skeletal geometry. And, we are able to expedite the removal of toxins produced via normal metabolic activity and even more in hyper tense, by way of the electro-magnetic properties of the electrolytes.

It was at that time that we began him on the Myo2MEDS™ and the Formula513™ for detox.
It seems that through out the years of playing football, Earl produced more lactic acid than his body could dispose of. It was long after his football career had ended that his back “gave out.” But looking back on the mechanics of his injury, I can see that he never had anyone do the Myochanics techniques and most importantly there was never a product like Myo2MEDS back then.

You see, all the goliath-ades have been around for forty years with very little change.
This is the 21st Century and it’s high time we demanded more from our electrolyte replacement drinks.

Myo2MEDS™ makes it easy with our drops. Just add Myo2MEDS™ to whatever you drink and boost the electrolyte value of that drink and make everything you drink healthier.

Why Do You Need MyO2MEDS?

See the video!
Get the story HERE and download your copy of Rabbi Donald Maher’s Salt of the Earth message. Much of the insights and wisdom comes from a biblical perspective and a Kosher approach to life. I hope that this message blesses and encourages you.

Minerals, the Universe, and You

What are minerals anyway? Minerals are nothing more than elements—the very same elements that grace the periodic table inside a high school chemistry text book like chromium, magnesium, iron, zinc, and so on. They are the elements that comprise the entire universe, this earth, and everything on it, including you.
Your body is truly a masterpiece formed from these same elements. As such, it is important to constantly replenish your body with the elements it expends on a daily basis.
Chemical and electrical processes are occurring within your body at every moment. These processes can only function correctly if the proper balance of minerals is continually being supplied to your system. Iron for your blood, sulfur for your muscles, calcium for your bones, and an aggregation of many other elements in balanced trace amounts help to ensure the proper function of your body.

What Are Ions?

An ion is a mineral or element that has a positive or negative charge. On the molecular level, that means the element has either too many or too few electrons. This unstable ionic state allows the element to bond readily with water, making it possible for the body to absorb it. In this state, an element has specific positive or negative electrical signatures that cause a dynamic equilibrium to take place. The body can then facilitate changes to move nutrients to the areas that need them.

What Are Trace Minerals?

You may collect silver coins, wear a platinum ring, or have a gold filling. You’ve likely sipped tea poured from a copper kettle, eaten a cookie from a fancy tin container, or traveled on an airplane made of titanium. But did you know that these elements and many others—in very small, balanced trace amounts—are critical to your health? Although trace minerals are no longer as plentiful in the foods you eat, they exist plentifully in their proper proportions in the mineral-rich waters of the earth’s oceans and seas.
The Importance of Ionic Minerals
Every second of every day your body relies on ionic minerals and trace minerals to conduct and generate billions of tiny electrical impulses. Without these impulses, not a single muscle, including your heart, would be able to function. Your brain would not function and the cells would not be able to use osmosis to balance your water pressure and absorb nutrients. To ensure you are getting the ionic minerals and electrolytes your body needs, only choose ionic mineral supplements or supplements that contain ionic minerals.
“Experts estimate 90 percent of Americans suffer from mineral imbalance and deficiency.”