K-9 E-lite from MYo2MEDS™

Kelev is the Hebrew word for dog.
A dog is faithful unto death, dedicated to the tribe, the clan, the family at all costs. Even willing to lay down their own life to defend the life of the master. There’s a man named Caleb in the Bible who lived with Joshua. He too was named because of his faithful devotion to God.

MyO2 MEDS™ is proud to announce the availability of K-9 E-lite™ (ee-leet) the electrolyte replacement and nutritional enhancement for dogs.
We were motivated to investigate the cause of too many young service dogs being euthanized due to kidney disease.
The cause is less the genetics and more the lack of nutritional minerals in the diet.

If you think that your dog is doing good drinking RO filtered water, you’re wrong.
Dogs eat dirt, drink from ‘unclean’ sources even when you are providing what you think is the best you can.
However, the dog and many other animals incoherently look for the missing minerals in such vile places as the toilet.

Now you can rest assured that your dog will stop drinking out of the toilet and eating cat dirt when you provide them with the finest and purest essential minerals that money can buy.

We have kept it affordable and one (1) 3.5 ounce; 100g package will yield 17+ gallons of mineral rich, electrolyte fortified rehydration solution.
We guarantee your dog will be energized. Hair, nails and cartilage will be supported and you can know that you are providing everything you can to assure health and wellness.

K-9 Elite will support a healthy pH level to combat the occurrence of cancer.

I dedicate this post to Alvin Martin of Colorado and to his caretakers.
Enjoy the Master’s table boy.

Take a look at Jack our friend; He is 15 yrs. old.