What if it were really easy?

I am not taking the place of your doctor, I am not representing medical counsel. I am however as a minister of God’s Kingdom and I  have a moral obligation to share with you a reasoning that can liberate you from so many of life’s so called tragedies.

You see, years ago i was ill. I suffered from chronic back pain, was addicted to opiates for pain and yet never saw a day without it. I realized the all of this came to a head at a point in my life when I had buried a friend/brother whom I had grown up with. We carried some  of the same scars and then,  Well you know the rest of the story. I became ‘saved’, ‘born again’, and filled with the spirit. but I hungered for more.

I was introduced to Rabbi Ralph Messer at a point in my life when I was at the end of a 7 year cycle of which at the time I was unaware. His teaching and passion for the the Word of God ignited a fire in me for which I was created. He taught me that I didn’t have to have intellectual accolades but rather passion untameable and determination unshakable and that I could possess all of that through  a more mature relationship with the Risen Savior; Yeshua HaMoshiach. So many of my approaches may seem ‘unorthodox’ if you will because I am not applying the Egyptian systems of reason to a spiritual dilemma. I look at the kinesiology of the injury and spend the time with the client so as to understand more fully the muscle I am looking to uncover.  I was director of education in San Antonio and helped to build the most successful school in Texas. I taught for 6 yrs and enjoyed most every moment. God revealed to me the anatomy in layers over the years and solidified my understanding of His faithfulness in the creation. Our bodies are amazing! As I studied I learned how Hyppocrates said, “The Physician must know many things but assuredly rubbing.” and that made sense to me. Bones don’t affect the muscles the muscles affect the bones. AS we treat the muscles and bring them back to normalcy the bones can freely go back to where they are most comfortable. Now that we have all the toxins lose and out of the muscle and fascia we must draw it out with the Mineralized water; the Mayim Chayim or the Living Water. I think of it being the Mayim HaMoshim the waters of deliverance.

What if it were easy?

What if your health and your healing had more to do with the very simple things

What if everything wasn’t complicated?

What if your health was secured and promised?

What if you had a super natural immune system that could protect you fro bacteria and viral invaders at all hours of the day?

What if your blood were renewed every 7 days?say-yes1

What if you baptism was being preserved in us everyday without the involvement of man?

What if you were meant to live and not to die?

What if you were more than a conqueror?

What if you were made to lead?

What all we had to do were follow some simple instructions?

Would you listen and trust that it isn’t about your passing or failing, it is all about the faithfulness of a Crreator?

A Creator Who would provide for us the ability to thrive with a blood system that can change according to the environment it is in. Stress plays a strong role in the condition of blood. If you are stressed with physical, emotion, financial stress agents you can respond in a ‘non-specific’ inflammatory response. That response screams out that your body needs more magnesium.

If you have gall stones you need more magnesium and less diuretics such as caffeine, alcohol or pharmaceutical drugs. Drugs like HCTZ, Hydrochlorothiazide, Metaprolol, Valsartan, Losartan and a host of other HBP pills cause severe electrolyte imbalances that could prove deadly.

What if all you had to do was to drink half of your total body weight in water?

What if you simply added 10 drops of Formula513 and 20 drops of Myo2; MED Solutions and saw to it that I stop drinking water or beverages without mineral added from MED Solutions.

Kidney function is supported with MED Solutions.

IF you drink half you body weight in water with MED Solutions added to every water (example: 5-16.9 ounce bottles of water with 10 drops of Formula513 and 20 drops of the MyO2 MED Solutions in each bottle and perform the super detox day at least once a week you will see weight loss in the event that excess water needs to be eliminated and in the cases of hyperthyroidism we have been given testimony that they were able to gain some weight and muscle tone.

The minerals in the MED Solutions are ionic and not a chelated branch chain. Therefore you have 100% access to your nutrition and there is little to no loss of product to production in the body.

Blood viscosity is governed by the absence or presence of minerals in your diet. MED Solutions provides the purest in the world. Our producer provides us with a proprietary formula that we have found works wonders.

Congestive Heart Failure is also a mineral imbalance often caused by kidney malfunction which is a result  of mineral imbalance. Kidneys can’t function without minerals; electrolyte minerals. These are the formula that will revolutionize your life and your healthcare.

Lastly and most certainly not the LEAST

Learn to forgive!

Let it go! You may have a right to be mad or to stay angry but that doesn’t mean that it is right to stay so bothered that it makes you ill. Let that stuff from last year, yesterday, an hour ago, let it go!


God’s principle never comes up short and the land is faithful to the Salt Covenant.

The Brit Melachim could be the Brit Malechot, the Brit Malchut, the Brit Malachim, the Brit Melechim all refer to the covenant of renewal, the Renewal of a Covenant for His Healers, His Kingdom, His Messengers and His Kings in the land. That is you. Remember How YHWH created the heavens and made man? He made you in His image and in His likeness He formed you. That means that within you is the very healing that was in Yeshua and if we activate the salt covenant in our blood we accept that God’s plan was alway to preserve us and provide for us a healing. For I am your healer and you shall be healed Exodus 15.

This works and you won’t deny it . Have the energy you want! Increase you workout efficacy with improved recovery and less oxygen deprivation. That equates to more reps and more sets before you peter out!

go to the Website now and order yours today! Trust me you need MEDS. If you are not thoroughly pleased We’ll spend the time you need to figure out your formula. Take the time you deserve for yourself and live abundantly with MED Solutions.


Help raise the banner of healing across the globe with MED Solutions


Rabbi Donald Maher