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Magnesium deficiency is often misdiagnosed because it does not show up in blood tests – only 1% of the body’s magnesium is stored in the blood. The first symptoms of deficiency can be subtle – as most magnesium is stored in the tissues, ‪#‎legcramps‬,‪ #‎footpain‬, or muscle ‘twitches’ can be the first sign. Other early signs of deficiency include loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting,  ‪#‎fatigue‬, and weakness/lethargy.

As magnesium deficiency worsens,‪#‎numbness‬, tingling, ‪#‎diabeticneuropathy‬, seizures, personality changes such as would lead to diagnoses of ‪#‎BiPolar‬ or ‪#‎manic‬ ‪#‎depression‬, abnormal heart rhythms, and coronary spasms ‪#‎atrialfibrillation‬‪#‎Arrhythmias‬, ‪#‎Tachycardia‬, ‪#‎Bradycardia‬, and heart disease can occur.

Magnesium Supplementsmagnesium formula513

Magnesium supplementation is recommended for a number of reasons, given magnesium’s startling impact on the body’s central processes. Several types of magnesium supplements are available, But Formula513’s ionic water suspended solution is far superior to others.
Kosher, Fit, Gluten Free, Vegan, Certified Organic, Non-GMO, pesticide free, Hormone Free, Stimulant Free, No Dyes, Sugar Free, Zero Calories but loaded with over 72 Trace minerals including the Four Macro-minerals.   


Magnesium serves hundreds of functions within the body and is an important part of ‪#‎bonehealth‬, ‪#‎hearthealth‬, a healthy ‪#‎nervoussystem‬, cellular energy, ‪#‎hormoneregulation‬ and the relaxation and activation of muscle tissue.
Magnesium is responsible for over 300-enzymatic functions including‪#‎intestinalhealth‬.

Three-quarters of all Americans eat a diet that is deficient in magnesium, according to a report published by the World Health Organization_2009.

Yetmagnesium low magnesium is exceedingly simple to correct.

And, for those who experience side effects such as diarrhea when taking oral supplements, Formula513 can be applied transdermally, which makes increasing magnesium intake as easy as taking a bath or applying a lotion.




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Making Your Hydration Preparation for 2015

 Lots of people are making preparation for their next move. That move may come to mean different things for many people.

I was entertained the other day about the survivalist movement that teaches you everything you should buy and possess in order to ‘survive’. Everything from lightweight tents and sleeping bags to hatchets that do more than just cut down trees. They have filters that can filter out water and provide clean water; a necessity that everyone should have. They sell stoves, on the go oven kits, everything a person needs but, there is still one vital thing that is missing, electrolyte mineral solution

I’ll explain to you what it is in just a moment.

So the scenario is that we are on a journey. We leave everything behind in order to make a new life. We have everything that REI or Cabela’s could sell you.

The tents are working out great, the sleeping bags are terrific. Mom just cooked a dynamite omelet on the travel stove and dad filtered out some river water to make coffee. Who could ask for more?

But wait!

Mom’s been feeling sluggish, sister is getting cramps from hiking or maybe from sitting in the car.

You haven’t had a BM for 2 days and your lumbago has kicked in causing your back to be killing you.

Everyone is complaining of headaches and body aches.

What could we possibly be missing?

I’ll tell you.

The one thing that you didn’t purchase was your MEDS for the journey!

“MEDS” is an acronym that stands for Multi-Electrolyte-Delivery-Solution. MEDS™ is an all natural concentrated electrolyte mineral solution that provide the body with the vital electrolyte minerals to regulate your blood viscosity and to optimize your metabolic function. The removal of metabolic waste products such as Lactic acid, nitric acid and uric acid are facilitated by the kidneys and liver via the presence of essential minerals such as magnesium, chloride, sodium and potassium as well as many other trace elements found in our MEDS™.

Every batch is guaranteed consistent, numbers quantified and logged to ensure quality, consistency and optimized safety for every person regardless of age.

MEDS™ is safe for all people regardless of health or age.

Adding MEDS™ to your morning coffee, daily water or using MyO2 MEDS™ as your salt substitute is a healthier way to enhance the flavor of your food. That’s right MyO2 MEDS can be used to enhance the satisfaction of the food you eat as it will enhance the nutritional quality of anything that goes in your mouth; water, beverage or foods.

Adding 10-20 drops of MyO2 MEDS™ to your water will create a healthier sugar-free rehydration recovery solution that puts the Nation’s leading sports drinks to shame.

Drinking too much water in an effort to hydrate yourself will compromise the electrolyte to water ration further leading to a condition known as Hypo-Natremia or ‘Low Salts’ in the blood. This condition will result in Renal Stress, kidney failure, Heart palpitations, blood clots such as embolisms or deep vein thrombosis, and possibly a stroke.

Regulating the blood viscosity is easy.

Whenever a person is admitted into the hospital for heart attack, chest pains, dehydration, etc. They will take a blood sample and usually they will begin an IV drip of some saline solution.

Saline is salt. But not necessarily Sodium as you might visualize a salt shaker. The IV drips will often contain Potassium-Chloride, Magnesium, and Sodium. Why deny your body what it was designed for and made from only to have a nurse stick a needle in your arm and administer the very same things you could be drinking with every swallow of your favorite beverage?

Take the 60-Day Challenge and order your 2 month supply today! We’ll send you a FREE tee-shirt with your post challenge order and testimonial. I’ll talk more about blood viscosity in our next segment. Stay tuned.




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